DECE heads Down Under…

2018-07-31T12:55:53+02:00July 31st, 2018|

  DECE "Down Under" An exciting new partnership for DECE this season... One of the most empowering things we have seen is employment. Secure work and a steady income means that people are able to plan for their own futures. One of our goals is to create more and more opportunities for work which means constantly developing new markets for our products. One of our huge challenges has been that we have had to overcome the simple fact that people don't buy many beanies in the summer. So we are really excited to announce that DECE is now entering the Australian market through a collaboration with Thread Harvest, who connect all kinds of producers with similar values with regard to empowerment, ethical and eco-friendly products. You can find our new page on Thread Harvest at: With access to a new hemisphere (our summer is their winter), we are excited about the possibilities ahead and the connections to be found in the expanding world of ethical fashion. Shop Now [...]

New DECE film coming soon….

2018-07-24T13:03:22+02:00July 24th, 2018|

    Over the last week we were joined by some amazing people from the U.S.A. who came out to help DECE as we move forwards. The 30 second videos we have released so far have begun to tell our story and have been really well received by you all. Our vision for this new 5 minute video is that it will give more background and context to the work here and encourage you to share our story.  Gaines Minton who headed up the team, is a film maker from Butter in L.A. who are worth checking out ( Butter work for some pretty big companies so we were really excited when they offered to come to make the next DECE video.  The team hit the ground running with all kinds of technical kit and kept up the pace for the whole week, trying to capture the work and the colourful people we walk alongside. It is always fun to work with professionals but it [...]

Cosmin joins the team

2018-07-18T15:43:47+02:00July 18th, 2018|

    Meet Cosmin Introducing Cosmin, one of our enthusiastic new DECE apprentices: Over the last couple of weeks we have brought Cosmin into our apprentice training program and got some time to talk to him about his hopes and dreams. How long have you lived in Șiria? This is my home. My family have lived in Șiria for as long as I can remember. Have you ever been out of the country? I have been out of the country. I went because I heard people say that it was easy to get a job and  to earn money. But it was not easy to find work and it was hard to be away from my family. I won’t go again whilst ever I can find work in Romania. What are your thoughts about DECE? I love DECE. I have watched it grow and seen more and more of my neighbours begin to work there and I have seen how much they enjoy what they do. [...]

Adeline Joins the Team

2018-07-11T13:49:48+02:00July 5th, 2018|

    ADELIN Meet the youngest member of our team - one of our new apprentices! We have known Adelin for many years and he has watched as the DECE leather workshop grew from its very small beginnings. This last week he entered the DECE apprenticeship program and we asked him if he would be willing to share a little about why this is important to him: How long have you lived in Siria?  All of my life. I grew up here. My family lives here and this is my home. Some of your neighbours have been out of the country to earn money, have you ever been with them? Many of my neighbours have been out of the country but I never wanted to go with them. This is my home and I have always wanted to find work here. How do you feel about working with DECE?  I have wanted to work here for a long time. I have watched people I know coming [...]

Pay it Forward

2018-07-11T13:52:29+02:00July 3rd, 2018|

    “Pay-it forwards" DECE Apprenticeship Program Empowering individuals to teach and to learn and begin a journey into employment. The DECE apprenticeship program is all about our team of DECE workers passing on to others the things they have learned. Teaching their neighbours the skills they need to become a DECE artisan. We are really excited that 4 new DECE apprentices joined us last week. 3 from Siria, where our main production hub is based and 1 from Alfa - a Roma community on the outskirts of Arad. Over the next 3 months our seasoned artisans will invest heavily in these eager young men. Teaching them about different kinds of leathers, how to handle them and care for them and to produce beautiful timeless products that will only improve with age. Imi (left) is one of our new apprentices in Alfa. He has a wife and children and is already dreaming of how having a job and a regular income will change things for them [...]