“Pay-it forwards”
DECE Apprenticeship Program

Empowering individuals to teach and to learn and begin a journey into employment.

The DECE apprenticeship program is all about our team of DECE workers passing on to others the things they have learned. Teaching their neighbours the skills they need to become a DECE artisan.

We are really excited that 4 new DECE apprentices joined us last week. 3 from Siria, where our main production hub is based and 1 from Alfa – a Roma community on the outskirts of Arad.
Over the next 3 months our seasoned artisans will invest heavily in these eager young men. Teaching them about different kinds of leathers, how to handle them and care for them and to produce beautiful timeless products that will only improve with age.

Imi (left) is one of our new apprentices in Alfa. He has a wife and children and is already dreaming of how having a job and a regular income will change things for them as a family. Florin (right), who has been through the apprenticeship program himself, knows how it has changed his own family’s situation and is excited to be part of this “pay-it-forward” program.

It is beautiful to see these two men patiently working together; learning, laughing and talking about life, their children and the future.

This is empowerment.