Meet the youngest member of our team – one of our new apprentices!

We have known Adelin for many years and he has watched as the DECE leather workshop grew from its very small beginnings.
This last week he entered the DECE apprenticeship program and we asked him if he would be willing to share a little about why this is important to him:

How long have you lived in Siria? 

All of my life. I grew up here. My family lives here and this is my home.

Some of your neighbours have been out of the country to earn money, have you ever been with them?

Many of my neighbours have been out of the country but I never wanted to go with them. This is my home and I have always wanted to find work here.

How do you feel about working with DECE? 

I have wanted to work here for a long time. I have watched people I know coming to work and learning a skill and enjoying what they do and I am really happy to have got this apprenticeship.

What do you dream about for the future? 

I have seen people who work for DECE begin to improve their homes. I hope that if I do well here then maybe I can build myself a home in the future.

We are excited to watch Adelin begin to learn and grow over the next few years and for him in-turn to become a positive role model for his friends.

This is Empowerment.