Over the last week we were joined by some amazing people from the U.S.A. who came out to help DECE as we move forwards.

The 30 second videos we have released so far have begun to tell our story and have been really well received by you all.
Our vision for this new 5 minute video is that it will give more background and context to the work here and encourage you to share our story. 

Gaines Minton who headed up the team, is a film maker from Butter in L.A. who are worth checking out (http://butter.la/).
Butter work for some pretty big companies so we were really excited when they offered to come to make the next DECE video.  The team hit the ground running with all kinds of technical kit and kept up the pace for the whole week, trying to capture the work and the colourful people we walk alongside.
It is always fun to work with professionals but it was especially nice to work with people who have such a big heart and a real love for people.

The plan is to release the video later this year, so watch this space!

If you are interested in getting involved in DECE here on the ground then check out our website for more info or contact our team at the email address below.

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