We believe that making a difference in the world includes being conscious about all the decisions we make.

As artisans are enabled and empowered, we want to make choices that also look after our environment. This is why we choose to only use fabric that has GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) to make our hats and fabric bags.
A product made with GOTS fabric is organically produced and ensures the process is fair to those who create it. It means there is accountability and sustainability attached to the process. It means that respect for the environment and people have been at the forefront of each step. 

We know it is important to you all that each product you invest in is produced in a way that has positive environmental and ethical choices throughout its entire process. That is why all our suppliers are vetted and each of our fabrics come with certifications so that you can buy beautiful products without compromising your ecological footprint. Doing good has never been so easy.

This is DECE.