As our product lines and business have grown we have also been developing and building our work hubs; aiming to make them the perfect places to produce DECE products. In the past month have been working on making space for a new DECE leather press room.

A leather press works like a giant cookie cutter. You insert templates of patterns into the machine and stamp these out. As part of our commitment to looking after our environment we make sure we use as much of the off cuts of leather as we can. When a bag is cut out, the off cuts are used to make our smaller accessories such as bracelets and cable ties. With a leather press this process becomes quicker as the off-cuts can quickly be placed in the machine and cut.

When companies make large scale orders for their clients and employees we will be able to stamp out these smaller products like the coasters or key-fobs quickly and neatly, making sure to use all the leather we source. Wasting less, and producing more. These items will then be carefully sewn – keeping the process in the hands of our skilled leather craftsmen and ensuring the unique products you all love.

With each leather product we bring to you, we aim for long lasting, life time products. As we grow the collections and team we also want to continue to develop our techniques, materials and processes. With each development, be it new designs, new techniques and tools we want to make sure you receive products that can last generations.

This is DECE.