Excited to announce DECE is now available in Germany

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  We are excited to announce that DECE now has it's first retailer in Germany! We have just partnered with Pravalia, a company based in Berlin Neukölln, who are dedicated to representing the best of what Romania produces. As part of our commitment to provide employment we are always looking for new markets to break into, new places for DECE to be discovered, and the story to be told. So when Pravalia approached us saying they were interested in the story and products of DECE, we were excited to partner with them, making them the first retailer in Germany to stock our products. DECE products are now available in store and online at www.Pravalia.de  

Introducing our new collection

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We are so excited to announce the launch of our latest collection: The re:collection For the last 6 years we, like most other fashion producers, have based our collections and colours on the constantly changing trends of the fashion industry. Each year we have ordered fresh, exciting colours and waiting with anticipation to see which ones would become your favourites. We love trying new things and being creative with colour but this year we stood back and looked in our stockroom at the wasted rolls of surplus fabric and yearns in colours from previous seasons and realised that we no longer wanted to function in this way. Hence the re:collection. One of our long-standing values has been to be keep DECE as ‘green’ as possible and we have always striven to source our materials from suppliers who produce them both ethically and environmentally. Now we hope this value will be manifest throughout the whole production process: from the materials purchased to the way we use [...]

Nothing goes to waste

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*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*   In a world where everything seems disposable, we choose to use every inch of the fabric and leather we buy. We believe in making products to last a lifetime, and we want to look after our planet while doing so. The fashion industry creates an estimated 92 million tons of textile waste annually*, and as part of that industry we want to do everything we can to help lower that number. When cutting the fabric or leather, our team make sure to space the patterns in the least wasteful way possible. They then use any cutoffs to create the smaller items in our collection, like our Key Fob or Earphone Tidy. Making conscious choices about the way we source and use our materials is key to how we work. This is DECE. * Global Fashion Agenda and The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. (2017), Pulse of the Fashion Industry Learn more about the work of NetWorks Romania at networks.org.ro and DECE at dececlothing.com. <!-- -->